Five Boot Camps with Fitness Evolved

Love to be healthier, fizz with energy and look pretty damn fine too? Prefer carrots to sticks? This experience includes five Fitness Evolved Boot Camp sessions: where high-energy instructors take small groups of recruits through innovative exercises, exciting competitions and fun games. Customised workouts motivate and challenge, while keeping your goals achievable. Your fellow recruits will keep you going, and regular fitness snapshots during your sessions gauge your progress. From professional nutritional support to contests and sponsorships, Fitness Evolved Boot Camps are packed with fantastic extras.

- This experience includes five Fitness Evolved Boot Camp sessions
- Training is on rain or shine
- Any existing medical conditions/injuries need a doctor’s approval before training at Boot Camp
- A minimum ability to intermittently jog/walk 2km is needed for our programmes

Your gift recipient will receive all the necessary booking information in their gift box to enable them to book directly with their chosen experience provider.
They will have 12 months in which to redeem their gift card for this awesome experience.